Martti Linna

I was born in Kivijärvi (Finland) in March 1966 as a fifth child out of six. My home was a farm with cows etc. in the middle of forest. No wonder, that I was graduated as a forestry engineer in 1991...

My first novel was published in Finland by Otava 2005. The story of Syysmarkkinat is located to the kindergarten that produces little people, who are ready to serve as good consumers for the never-sleeping marketing and globalisation.

A year later Mr. Reijo Sudenmaa, middle-aged policeman walked in to my life. Ilpo Kauppinen, a passionate fisherman had lost his wife somewhere, and it was Mr. Sudenmaa's job to find Hilkka, Ilpo's very beloved counterpart. Novel Ahventen valtakunta (Nation of perches) was published in finnish 2007 by Myllylahti. Le royaume des perches was published in France 03/2013 by Gaïa Editions. It was selected as a finalist of Grand prix de Littérature policière in same year.

In 2009 came out second Sudenmaa-novel called Tammikoti (Home of oaks), in 2010 third called Kuolleita unelmia (Dead dreams). It's french translation came out 2016 as La maison de vos rêves (Gaia Editions).

2011 I published fourth Sudenmaa called Liian iso juttu (Too big headline), 2013 fifth called Kultainen sääntö (Golden rule) and 2015 sixth Rakkausarpia (Scars of love). At winter 2017 came out seventh, called Kasvuaikaa (Time of growth). Eight novel named Impivaara was published february 2019.

After many crime novels lived with that tall policeman I have to say, that there is still many things in the world and human being I don't understand. So, it is possible that Sudenmaa will go on his investigations...

I have also published novels Ristimitta (The Cross-measure) 2012, Niobe 2014 and Kaksi hautaa saarella (Two tombs on the island) 2015. hope that there will be more in the future.

Nowadays I work as a free writer and journalist. I live in little town called Hamina in the southeastern part of Finland. Very nice place to live, I must say. Come and visit Hamina one day!